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Advanced cognitive supplement formulated to support mental performance and long-term brain health

56 Tablets/Bottle


Body Benefits

  • Brain and Nerve Health

USANA CopaPrime+ (56 tablets)

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  • The USANA Difference
    Powered by InCelligence technology and created with a dual approach to cognitive support, USANA CopaPrime+ assists in mental performance such as focus, alertness, memory, and learning processes while also delivering nutritional support for brain health. This powerful nootropic formula utilizes naturally derived ingredients: bacopa monnieri and American ginseng to support cognitive performance.

    Health Benefits

    • Strengthens neural pathways and maintains brain health for optimal cognitive function as you age
    • Supports mental performance for focus, information processing, reaction times, memory function, and learning
  • When ordering this item, you may receive a product that has a redesigned label with a smaller—or different—bottle. It’s still the same, premium health product you’ve come to expect from USANA, with a new, updated look and a more environmentally friendly container. Learn more about our commitment to sustainable business practices at under “Environmental Responsibility.”

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