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Ease into sleep with Mineral Calm

USANA Magnesium Supplement Mix

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  • The USANA Difference
    Quality sleep recharges your body and mind. Ease into sleep with Mineral Calm, and turn your occasional restless nights into restful ones. A good night’s sleep repairs muscles and cells, all while revitalizing your mental and emotional well-being. Mineral calm contains magnesium to assist with muscle tension and calm nerves during rest and recovery.*

    This warm, effervescent beverage mix combines the calming flavors of ginger and lemon for a delicious, soothing addition to a nighttime routine.

    Health Benefits

    • Helps ease your body and mind for a peaceful night’s rest*
    • Provides the perfect level of magnesium to address muscle tension and calm nerves during rest and recovery*
    • Supports healthy nerve function and maintain healthy blood sugar levels already in normal range*
    • Supports GABA receptors in your brain to optimize nerve activity and healthy physical relaxation*
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