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Summer season

Summer in Chinese medicine represents the most Yang aspect and is associated with the Heart, which regulates blood and is responsible for the Shen (Mind and Spirit).

The Heart is an organ responsible for Love, Joy, Fun and Self-expression on a physical level, which is one of the essential things in life.

Yang is the sun, fire, bright, and moving outward energy. TCM believes that by harmonizing yourself with the seasons, you can stay healthier and prevent disease, so Summer is a great time to do treatments for Yang, Qi, and Blood to strengthen your Heart, Mind and Spirit. Activities should represent the season with a turn outwards.

What recommended to do:

· Wake up earlier in the morning

· Rest at midday

· Go to bed later

· Seek water to balance the Fire element: cool baths and showers, swimming

· Seek activities that bring you joy and put you in a state of flow

· Nourish creative projects

· Find time to play like you did as a child

Change our habits as the seasons' change and create more balance between your body and the external environment. Come for your seasonal check-up and get acupuncture treatment to be in harmony with nature.

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