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Do you have enough fire this summer?

Summer is the season of abundant energy, growth, activity and creativity. It is the time of greatest yang, which means that it is a time of heat, outgoingness and moving outward in nature and in our lives. The heart is ruled by Fire element, so this is the best time to heal emotional wounds that we have carried with us from our pasts.

Summer represents the season of greatest Yang and has a creative, expansive quality that encourages us to be passionate and full of joy. When we are in harmony with the summer energy there is a sense of expansiveness and growth in our lives.

When the heart is balanced, the mind is calm and we sleep deeply and wake rested. When the heart is imbalanced, we may lack joy (manifest in depression) or have an excess of joy (mania or manic behaviour). Some indications of a heart imbalance are nervousness, insomnia, heartburn and confusion, red complexion, poor memory and speech problems.

Keep your heart and mind healthy this summer! With acupuncture and cupping, we can balance your body’s vital energy and charge your Fire this Summer. We use powerful acupuncture points to help you relax, soothe emotions, calm the mind, enhance your ability to focus, promote sleep, and relieve depression.

Book your acupuncture an appointment online on or by phone 416-856-2535

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