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🍐 Fall diet in TCM 🍐

🍐 Fall is here, meaning seasonal changes play a significant role in guiding our food choices to prioritize nourishing the organs, blood and fluids. Check out our top eating tips to help you feel your best this fall in combination with acupuncture treatment.

🍐 Enjoy More Warming and Cooked Foods Now is the time to take a break from your favourite summer salad. Fall is the time to start warming your body by eating more cooked and warming foods. This helps prevent further strain on your digestion. You can nourish the yin by steaming or cooking your food at low temperatures for longer periods of time.

🍐 Nourish Your Lungs The Fall season is full of wind, dryness and cooler temperatures. As the air becomes drier, your lungs may become dry and itchy. So eat foods that generate fluid to moisten the lungs, like pears, apples, snow ear fungus, persimmons, figs and pumpkins. One of my favourite (and easy to make) fall soups combine pears, snow ear fungus, and Bai He (Lily Bulb). Great for when your throat is feeling dry and itchy!

🍐 Prevent with Sour Flavors, Restore with Acrid Flavors Sour foods help the body preserve fluids. Eating foods like grapefruit, lemons, pickles, and apples that have astringent properties helps to prevent sickness. But if you already start to get chills or feel a little under the weather, foods such as garlic, cinnamon, chilli, ginger and onions help bring your defensive Qi (energy) to the body's surface to fight off sickness.

🍐 Last but not least: remember to wear a scarf! The nape of the neck is where wind can most easily enter the body, causing illness. Stay bundled with one of your favourite scarves this fall!

🍐 We encourage you to try the Acupuncture Treatment of the Month with a focus on strengthening your immune system during the autumn season.

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