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Fall season

🍁 Fall 🍁 Lung 🍁 Sadness🍁

🍁Fall in Traditional Chinese Medicine is associated with Metal element and is associated with the Lungs, which regulate the gathering of Qi from the air, water metabolism in the body and are responsible for keeping organs warm.

🍁Emotion of Lung is Sadness or Grief, which is why we can feel more depressed this time of year if our Lung is out of balance.

🍁The Lung is an organ responsible for the Immune system and is reflected in the appearance of the Skin. That's why Facial Acupuncture now will be the best choice.

🍁This season is about discipline, organization, setting limits and protecting boundaries – moving from the external, expansive nature of Summer to the inner, contractive nature of Fall.

What recommended to do:

🍁 explore ways to invite in more time for rest; perhaps adjusting your exercise routine, avoiding overscheduling, and making your way to bed earlier

🍁 try including breathwork and movement practices Qi gong that support the Lung Qi into your routine.

🍁 finish up any projects you started in Spring or Summer and reap the rewards of all your hard work

🍁 begin new projects that focus more on the internal – cultivating body and mind and becoming more introspective

🍁 be mindful of letting go of anything we may be holding on to so that we can make room for new experiences that will help us to learn and grow

🍁 As we enter the Fall season, we encourage you to try the Acupuncture Treatment of the Month. With its focus on the Lungs and Skin. This treatment will assist your assimilation into the season – not only help you Strenghten Immunity but also helps you let go of the things that once had value but now do not and discover the relief of release.

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