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🍑Late Summer🍑

🍑Late Summer is considered a separate season in TCM. It is a transition time when we return to the middle, between the expansive growth of spring and summer (yang energy) and the more inward energy of fall and winter (yin energy). It has been said that it’s almost as if time stops for a moment, much like the instant when a pendulum reverses its swing.

🍑In Chinese medicine, the stomach and digestive system are at the center of health, regulating and harmonizing the effects of seasonal extremes.

🍑Foods in Late summer should support the center and be mildly sweet, yellow or golden, and round shaped. Millet, corn, white and sweet potatoes, garbanzo beans, rice, ginger, fish with omega 3 fatty acids, and small amounts of beef are excellent seasonal choices.

🍑Limit excessive raw vegetables, citrus fruits and dairy products at this time of year.

🍑Late summer is an ideal time for centering, simplicity, and quiet reflection. It is a great opportunity to “digest” your experiences so far this year, sorting through which experiences are nourishing and should be assimilated and learned from and which you can let go of.

🍑Regular exercise keeps your qi and blood circulating, keeps reflection from becoming excessive (worry and obsession), and supports smooth transitions through the seasons and emotions. A beautiful walk in a park, a hike in the forest, or a great

dance class may be the most delightful medicine.

🍑Change our habits as the seasons' change and create more balance between your body and the external environment. Come for your seasonal check-up and get acupuncture treatment to be in harmony with nature.

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