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How to manage stress and anxiety with acupuncture

Are you stressed? We all are. The power of Traditional Chinese Medicine is a real solution that addresses the effects of stress, like anxiety, panic attacks, restlessness, insomnia, depression, headaches and chronic pain, and its cause.

Acupuncture relaxes you, decreasing stress and increasing your sense of well-being. Research shows it may even reverse the effects of stress. Acupuncture also treats various stress-related problems, like insomnia, high blood pressure and inflammation.

When you’re experiencing anxiety, your stress response is activated. Your body is shifting into a state of fight or flight – the sympathetic nervous system increases your adrenaline level and sends you into a panic. Acupuncture may be an effective treatment option for reducing anxiety symptoms by calming down hyper-activated stress centers in your brain.

Also, acupuncture has a greater effect than drugs on calming the nervous system and effectively reducing stress and anxiety. It’s a holistic medical practice that addresses the root cause of health problems rather than just the symptoms. It makes perfect sense, symptoms are caused by imbalances in the body, and treatments are designed to restore those imbalances.

If you’re looking for relief from stress, try acupuncture.

You deserve better health. Let me help you create the life you want, naturally.

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