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Cupping is one of the alternative treatment modalities that has been used for thousands of years in China. The basic idea of this holistic therapy is to place cups on the skin that create suction. It is a great complementary treatment option that addresses numerous health conditions. The cups are placed onto the skin, and when they create suction, they pull the skin up into them. I am creating suction by heating the inside of the cup first. The cup creates suction and pulls tissue into it as it cools. Blood circulation is boosted in the areas where the cups are placed.

While more people are learning about this holistic option, many still do not know that there are actually two types: dry and wet. The dry method is what most people are familiar with, as it involves only using suction.

Wet Cupping, the lesser-known of the two treatments, involves both suction and “controlled medical bleeding.” For this technique, I am creating a small puncture in the skin with a lancet and then place the cup over it to draw out a small amount of blood. According to ancient Chinese medicine, it helps to clear the bad blood and bad energy. Many athletes opt for this option to treat muscle soreness, recover faster, and help with range of motion.

Cupping has been used to treat a wide variety of conditions. It may be particularly effective at easing conditions that create muscle aches and pains. Since the cups can also be applied to major acupuncture points, it also effectively treats digestive issues, skin issues, and other a wide variety of conditions treated with acupuncture.

Benefits of cupping: Increasing blood circulation helps reduce muscle tension, improve blood flow, promote cell repair, form new connective tissues, create new blood vessels in the tissue. It has become an increasingly popular treatment option in athletic training, sports medicine and now in our everyday life.

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