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Try something new in Asian heritage month

May is Asian Heritage Month, a time to acknowledge and celebrate the rich history of Asian-Canadians and their contributions to our country.

As we move into Heritage Month, we at “Shtepura Wellness Clinic” would like to take this opportunity to celebrate the healing arts and sciences of Asian medicine by sharing more knowledge about principles of Traditional Chinese medicine with our patients and the public.

We acknowledge and explore the complex history and current context of Traditional Chinese Medicine. And this is how we celebrate - by continuing learning through cycles, layers, practice, and action.

We are grateful for the long history of this medicine, the many lineages and traditions, and the skilled practitioners who have come before us.

I am intimately aware of how Asian heritage impacts the way I practice as an acupuncturist and how conscious I am of other people’s cultures. At times this helps me connect better with patients, including those who aren’t familiar with or may not trust it.

May is a month to dive deeper into ancient practices and try something new. “Shtepura Wellness Clinic” invites you to feel the atmosphere and experience the touch of Qi from our practitioners. You can book your session online on the website or by phone at 416-856-2535

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