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Fall season

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the fall is associated with Metal element and corresponding to such organs as Lung and Large Intestine.

As nature moves from an expansive and active summer life to contractive and internal autumn existence, our life should slow down and focus on the inner self more. It's a great time to start projects that focus more on the internal and retrospective parts of life and finish up your spring projects.

That's, why it is good practice to organize and let go of the old and make room for the new things in your life. Organize, clean out, donate - these practices will help to "let go", liberate yourself and live in harmony with the season.

The best way to focus on the season is to strengthen your Lung with breathing exercises. When you breathe deeply, it positively affects energy level, memory and immune system. Great idea for autumn to walk outside, focus on breath and protect yourself from the first cold - it means to wear a scarf.

The climatic change of the season is Dryness. Dryness could manifest in dry nose, dry skin, dry stools, dry cough, eczema, chronic nosebleed, hoarse voice, dry mouth and throat, dizziness and bad breath. To protect Lung, Large intestine and skin from Dryness, we can eat more moistening food. One such example would be shiitake mushrooms, which have not just moistening qualities but also great for absorbing and cleaning. The health benefits of shiitake are associated with improving qi and blood, detoxification, cleansing blood fat and reducing sugar levels, lowering blood pressure, improving acne and skin conditions, and suppressing the appetite. It also contains many vitamins, minerals, and bioactive plant compounds; they're an excellent addition to the fall season diet.

To find out how to live in harmony with the season by using diet and Traditional Chinese Medicine approach to nutrition - book a consultation and improve your quality of life.


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